Sandrine Philippe

Sandrinne Philippe Autumn Winter 2013Love this Sandrine Philippe collection and the image above is great. Added a few images  above from the shop view. This collection is strong with each piece unique, we love it.

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Latest Collection from High

Here’s a sneak peek of High’s latest collection, available now!

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Sandrine Philippe Current Collection

These images are a taster of the current Sandrine Philippe collection, be sure to look through what we have available from this collection online and in store!

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Nigel Cabourn Introduces a Women’s Collection for Autumn Winter 2013

Nigel Cabourn Womens Collection Autumn Winter 2013

Nigel Cabourn has long been one of our favourite designers for men, we love his clothing and the principles that are behind all he produces. Well from Autumn Winter 2013 he is producing a Nigel Cabourn collection for women.

I can confirm it is excellent, with all the attention to detail that we have come to expect from a Cabourn collection. The collection is small, but perfectly formed. Strong and using all the very best in fabrics and materials including Harris Tweed, cashmere and Ventile.

Corniche will be stocking this collection and we expect it to arrive any day now, so watch this space. In the meantime we have begun to stock the online shop with the men’s collection, which is superb and includes the 100% 750g Cerrutti cashmere Duffle Coat, which is a joy to behold as well as to wear, the again at £2799.00 it needs to be. Saying that I would have one it is so good. To visit the mens shop click here – Nigel Cabourn Shop

Nigel Cabourn Harris Tweed Coat with leather belt and fur trimWaistcoat with jacket from Nigel Cabourn's Women CollectionWomen's cameraman's jacket from the Nigel Cabourn 2013 Autumn Winter collectionNigel Cabourn first Women's CollectionNigel Cabourn Mallory Harris Tweed with Ventile jacket for WomenThick knitted cashmere balaclava snood from the Nigel Cabourn Women's collectionNigel Cabourn 2013 Collection for men

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New Season Rundholz

Rundholz’s latest dip and mainline collections have arrived! they can be found in store and will be available online shortly.

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Summer Sales Begins in Corniche

Corniche Summer 2013 Sale for Women Now On

We have begun our summer sale and, even though we have had one our best seasons ever, we still have some fantastic pieces for you to chose from.

For the Rundholz lovers amongst our customers, we did over 220 different styles across the three collections Mainline, Dip and Black Label, I think we offered the largest selection of Rundholz on the Internet, by quite a long way. We are fast running out of styles ans sizes, but I hope there is still something there for you.

Nigel Cabourn was slower this season, I think primarily because the sizes and styles were so different from previous collections. Yesterday I sold one of the soft blue jackets to a customer who is a size 48 (italian) so small/medium normally and has bought many pieces from Nigel’s collection all at size 48, he needed a size 52. So if you cannot see any smaller sizes contact us and we can tell you what the sizes shown will fit.

There are brillaint pieces available in the PEdAL ED collection for men and the Masnada, High by Claire Campbell and Westwood collections for women.

Corniche Summer 2013 sale for Men Now on

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Where does the time go in a clothing store

it is the 16th March 2013 and I am amazed to see the last posting on the site was the 28th August 2012, that is over 5 months ago and yet it only seems like a few weeks ago. So my apologies for the lack of input in the blog, especially as so many good things have been happening.

The new collections are arriving every day and we have already received quite a bit of Rundholz, Black Label and Mainline more to come though and nothing from the Dip collection has arrived yet.

The Nigel Cabourn has arrived and as usual it is great although I am concerned with the shape on some of the jackets, very reminiscent of Comme des Garcons, tight, short and young, so very not our Cabourn customer. That said there is much that is fantastic, all the trousers for example. The camo zip jacket is a peach as are the Japanese collection soft fabric Mallory jackets. The outerwear is as usual excellent with the taped Ventile Aircraft jacket, the Rangoon jacket and the Dobley End on End jacket all being fantastic. The Japanese shirting is brilliant. Nigel has moved some of the Authentic Label manufacturing away from the UK, which will upset a few customers and these shirts are also very reminiscent of shirts from the Comme des Garcons Shirt collection, which is probably far from ideal. Personally I think it is a pity and sticking to the Authentic heritage concepts would be wiser.

The PEdAL ED collection for men from Japan is quite wonderful, and there is not a piece in it that I wouldn’t recommend, comfortable, stylish, casual and very cool and you really do not have to ride a bike to appreciate or wear it. I will be putting the collection on the website this coming week.

The High by Claire Campbell, goes from strength to strength and we are amazed at how well it sells and how good it looks when worn. The are some beautiful lace work pieces in this new collection that have to be seen.

Vivienne Westwood has produced a gem in the Anglomania collection this season and it is hard to not recommend every piece. The Rose Flower print in the long dresses are wonderful and must be seen.

Masnada have produced a small collection for men, which we have now in stock, it is very smart, edgy, beautifully made and as cool as ice, suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats and coats make up this collection and each piece is special. The womens collection is once again one of my favourites. These items will be available on line from next week.

This season in addition to introducing the Masnada Mens collection we have added a wonderful collection from the French designer Sandrine Philippe. Her collection is as close as you could get to couture from off the peg with each piece having some form of individual attention, eg. hand painted or hand made. We think you will love it.

That is all just for now and I will keep things up to date, Promise!

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The Thomas Crean Sleeping Bag Jacket in Sheepskin Nigel Cabourn Limited Edition

Ok here we go again, Nigel Cabourn has produced a wonderful limited edition collection, commemorating the ill-fated Terra Nova Antarctic Expedition of 1912, which resulted in the death of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. This jacket is based on one of the members of the Expedition who was chosen not to complete the last push and survived, Thomas Crean. Totally brilliant, made by Aero Leather for Nigel.

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Rundholz release their first fragrance

The new Rundholz perfume 03.Apr.1968

Rundholz perfume 03.Apr.1968

Rundholz have released their first fragrance named 03.Apr.1968, I have been told the name is Lenka Rundholz’s birth date. This would be appropriate as it has been Lenka Rundholz’s vision for seven years to create a unique fragrance.

The fragrance fits beautifully in with the clothing styles created by Rundholz, it is different, I would say brave, reminding me in its uniqueness to Comme des Garcon Parfums.

The skills of Arturetto Landi, an Italian perfumer, were brought in to bring the project to fruition and his knowledge and Lenka Rundholz’s vision have come together to produce “a fragrance you will rarely find”.

The composition of 03.Apr.1968 is: Top note: Lychee, Heart note: Heliotrope, Base note: Incense.

We have received stocks of the perfume and I can confirm it is all that is claimed, many will be challenged by it, but those who are not will love it. Beautifully packaged in quality black double boxes and with a ribbon handled bag it will make a gift to remember. see the perfume in the shop

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Fabric Abbreviations

We keep getting asked what the abbreviations for fabrics are, so to help here are most of them. We do every so often find a new one so it may not be complete.

AF – Other Fibers
AC – Acetate
CA – Acetate
CLY – Lyocell
CMD – Modal
CO – Cotton
CTA – Triacetate
CU – Cupro
CUP – Cupro
CV – Viscose
EL – Elastane
EA – Elastane
HA – Hemp
LI – Flax/Linen
HA – Hemp
HL – Cotton/Linen
JU – Jute
MA – Modcrylic
MAC – Modacrylic
ME – Metal
MO – Modal
PA – Nylon
PAN – Acrylic
PC – Acrylic
PES – Polyester
PBT -Polyester
PL – Polyester
PM – Metallicized Polyester
PU – Polyurethaneelastomere
PUR – Polyurethane
RA – Ramie
SE – Silk
SI – Sisal
SPA – Spandex
TA – Triacetate
TR – Textile Residues/Unspecified Composition
PC – acrylic
PM – polyester
VI – also viscose
VY – Vinyl
WA – Angora wool
WB – Beaver wool
WG – Vicuna
WK – Camel hair wool
WL – Lama Wool
WM – Mohair (Goat) Wool
WP – also baby alpaca Wool
WO – Wool Sheep
WS – Cashmere Wool (Goat)
WV – Virgin Fleece Wool Sheep
WY – Yak wool

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