Vivienne Westwood MAN Clothing - The Westwood collection for men Vivienne Westwood is one of our favourite designers and we have been delighted to have been a stockist for over 20 years. Over these years we have stocked all the Vivienne Westwood clothing labels Man, Gold, Red and Anglomania.

The Vivienne Westwood MAN label has always been adventurous while at the same time offering the very wearable. When we first started stocking the Man label it was clear that this was Vivienne Westwood at her most diverse, offering conservative suiting to wild and dramatic clothing. The Vivienne Westwood Man clothing label has developed to include all types of garmenst, from the collectable Westwood T-shirts, to the classic Westwood three button collar shirt, from the fitted and styled to the assymetric drunk shirts unique to the Vivienne Westwood Man label. In addition Westwood Man offers superb jeans in different styles.

Date - May 6th 2016
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