Date - Apr 16th 2021

Ivan Grundahl Collection for Women

Ivan Grundahl

Ivan Grundahl was established in Copenhagen in 1973 displaying a rich heritage of Nordic aesthetics, originality and strength of design. The designer, Ivan Grundahl, swiftly became the leading avant-garde clothing designer in Denmark.

In 2016 Roy Krejberg became the creative director of Ivan Grundahl. He brings a personal vision whilst remaining in tune with the overall style of the fashion house.

Ivan Grundahl Black Coat
Ivan Grundahl
Black Coat
£1060.00 - Sizes: L
£883.33 outside UK
Ivan Grundahl Black Jacket
Ivan Grundahl
Black Jacket
£665.00 - Sizes: S/M
£554.17 outside UK
Ivan Grundahl Black Trousers
Ivan Grundahl
Black Trousers
SALE: £193.00 - Sizes: M
£160.83 outside UK

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