Date - Sep 23rd 2020

Masnada Men

Masnada Autumn Winter 2020/21 Clothing for Men

For a number of years one of the most impressive collections available anywhere has been the Masnada collection. If you love wonderful clothing and do not know Masnada you are definitely missing out. When I first saw the collection I would have sworn it was Japanese design at its best, it turned out to be that rarity, an Italian collection with genuine, cutting edge, originality and unique design.

This is not a homogenised collection, like so much out there, even at the very top of so called fashion, it is strong, stylish, right up to date and much more. Great cuts, great tailoring, great design, great manufacturing, great fabrics. Masnada clothing for Men is simply great!

Masnada Men Black Coat
Masnada Men
Black Coat
Masnada Men Grey Jacket
Masnada Men
Grey Jacket
SALE: £480.00
Masnada Men Rock Trousers
Masnada Men
Rock Trousers
SALE: £370.00
Masnada Men Storm Grey Shirt
Masnada Men
Storm Grey Shirt
SALE: £294.00
Masnada Men Chalk Coat
Masnada Men
Chalk Coat
SALE: £187.00
Masnada Men Chalk Jacket
Masnada Men
Chalk Jacket
SALE: £434.00
Masnada Men Chalk Trousers
Masnada Men
Chalk Trousers
SALE: £347.00
Masnada Men Legion Coat
Masnada Men
Legion Coat
SALE: £730.00
Masnada Men Black Shirt
Masnada Men
Black Shirt
SALE: £520.00
Masnada Men Black Trousers
Masnada Men
Black Trousers
SALE: £276.00
Masnada Men Black Coat
Masnada Men
Black Coat
SALE: £525.00
Masnada Men Black Jacket
Masnada Men
Black Jacket
SALE: £334.00

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