Date - Aug 19th 2022


Novemb3r Clothing for Men

'Random imperfections are symptoms of life' is the guiding principle of Novemb3r clothing. In their own words - 'Every handmade creation is unique, no two are alike. We perceive the value of craftsmanship through a slight variation in the color shade, a little detail that makes all the difference. When mankind entered the industrial age, some of this value went lost. No wonder it's something we aim for.'

An you can see the pursuit of these principles in the clothing. Novemb3r clothes are beautifully designed and manufactured using carefully chosen fabrics that enhance the overall look and feel of the collection.

We have stocked trousers in a variety of styles, jackets and a beautifully styled coat. This is a special collection of clothing and it provides that individual feel at a reasonable price. Personally I really like these clothes and find them very easy to wear, mix well with other collections and, most importantly feel great when on.

Novemb3r Blue Trousers
Blue Trousers
SALE: £155.00


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